Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Man.City 0-2 Everton

Took Brandon & Steph to watch a Premier League match on Wednesday night , we were at home against Everton. What a poor performance by our beloved Manchester City we witnessed. We were the only team left in the league with an unbeaten home record. This was surrended with ease to a determined Everton team. City just looked unorganised all night , only creating a few half chances. The usually busy Tevez & Bellamy struggled to make an impact as they usually do. Stephen Ireland was taken off before half time , a tactical change by our Italian manager. Superman looked dejected. Me & my kids left very dissapointed by there very poor performance. If City still think they can finish fourth in the league & gain Champions League status , a vast improvement is required on the run in. I hope we can do this , but time will tell ...

Tuesday, 23 March 2010


I spent all of my day in Oldham today , barring about an hour at tea time where i popped to see a friend in Hyde.
On my way to Oldham Tuesday morning i called to see Bruce at The Snooker Shop in Levenshulme to have my tip re-shaped. I wasn't happy with the shoulders on it , they were still very square & needed shaping. I was running late so it was a brief visit calling on Bruce. Once he had seen to my tip , i was on my way again. Thanks Bruce. I will call round for a brew later in the week i told him as i left his shop.
I arrived at Michael Wild's house about 1055am. Terry , Michael's Dad had the bacon on under the grill. We always have a bite to eat together when i visit there place.
After breakfast & a chat , we went into his Snooker Room & started our practice together. After 4 frames we went back into the lounge & had a cuppa with Terry and chatted some more about allsorts. Back in for more practice , Michael showed me some new techniques to do with the technical side of the game. Plenty of food for thought i told him , stuff to work on! I left there place around 415pm after a great day.

After calling back to Hyde to see a friend of mine briefly , i headed off to the Oldham Snooker Academy. I had a practice session arranged with Pete Stanyer. I arrived before Pete so i grabbed a bite to eat. Pete arrived around 650pm & we had just under 3 hours practice which isn't as long as we usually play for. Pete was in work in the early hours so we finished early. We had a chat about things as we always do then it was time to go. Pete headed off to work & i headed off home. It was a full day to say the least , very enjoyable ...

Sunday, 14 March 2010

David Beckham to miss World Cup

BREAKING NEWS... News just in via Match of the Day 2 , David Beckham pulled up in agony tonight whilst playing for AC Milan , unchallenged & nobody near him. He has torn his Achilles Tendon ! It was in the 90th minute too. What a cruel twist of fate. In the same week he celebrated his return to Manchester Utd after leaving 7 years ago this happens. He will now miss the World Cup which starts in just 8 weeks time. Apparently Fabio Capello has already spoken to Beckham to say how sorry he is.
Life can be so cruel...

Sunderland 1-1 Man.City

Typical City display today. After our last away performance against a superb Chelsea side which we demolished on there own pitch 4-2 , we struggle to a team we should be eating for breakfast ! A very poor performance in the first half is followed by a better display in the second , Mancini must of had some Italian words at half-time. Adam Johnson our newest signing continues to impress & came on as a sub. In injury time he received the ball on the edge of the box & curled in a beautiful ball right into the top corner. What a great signing he is turning out to be.
Our bitter rivals Man.Utd won 3-0 against Fulham. Hate saying it but Wayne Rooney is world class , he's fantastic. Roll on the World Cup Rooney...

Saturday, 13 March 2010

Blackpool Pleasure Beach

Today is the day of our trip to Blackpool Pleasure Beach ! I had pre booked the tickets online a couple of weeks ago. Ordering online entitled you to 50% discount. Bargain i thought & so did hundreds of people who were there also today. The day started off with myself & Brandon collecting Steph around 945am and heading off to Grandma's for our "full breakfast" before our journey. Around 1115am , we decided to head off , dropping my Mum off in town on the way. Brandon & Steph played against each other on there DS's on the way there. Arriving on the Promenade around 1230pm i found a perfect car parking spot as a car was just pulling away as i was passing. We had an hour in the Arcades & Brandon saw his "Midget" friend Tony there too. We had a great 4 or 5 hours of fun in the Pleasure Beach before heading home around 6pm. We stopped off at KFC in Levenshulme on the way back & duly demolished a family feast between us. Steph looked totally worn out when she got out of the car heading towards her mums house. Must of been the sea air. Great day , arriving home safe and sound around 815pm totally shattered , that sea air really does make you tired...

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Chelsea 2-4 Man.City

On Saturday we inflicted Chelsea's first home defeat in 15 months in some style. With the returning Carlos Tevez & Craig Bellamy , which are by far the best two players of the season so far for the Blues. After falling behind early , we completely dominated the game & made Chelsea look pedestrian. Our two stars scored a brace each. Ferguson said Tevez wasn't worth £25 million , thats why he didn't buy him. He must of been watching somebody else , idiot. Myself , Brandon & Steph were over the Bluemoon with this fantastic win.
It's just a pity Shay Given isn't English to solve our goal keeping crisis with have with the national team. He's by far the best goalkeeper in the Premiership. Mark Hughes , once a red , always a red , but it has to be said , you did make some great signings for us before you were unfairly dismissed.

Inter-League : 2nd Group Game "VINTAGE"

The venue for our second group game of the 2010 campaign was Swinton Conservative Club. I like this venue & have plenty of happy memories from previous visits over the years in the Inter-League competition. Our first player lost by 40 pts. Our captain Mike Thorpe called upon me to get my cue out as he wanted me on earlier than usual to stem the tide. After several safety shots , i made the first real opening but broke down on 27. My opponent replied with a well made 57 break. After his visit , i was 47 behind with 51 remaining. I called upon all my years experience & managed to produce in two scoring visits , one of the best recoveries i've made for some time , winning on the black !
Awesome , Outstanding , Vintage , were some of the words my fellow peers & snooker friends expressed to me after my win. It really was a great atmosphere.
Dennis Mellor & Barry Urmston came along to give our team some support. Thanks to you two guys.
We eventually ran out 5-2 winners , thus topping our group on 10pts.
Final group game is on the 29th March @ Withington Bowling Club.