Tuesday, 26 October 2010

It's all go !

Sorry i've not posted anything on here for a few months , but i have had so much going on in my life.
I've been very busy at work. I've also moved house 6 weeks ago , so i have been trying to get all organised there!
The new snooker season has started. We are currently 2nd in the league after week 6. Individually , im not having the best start to the season i've ever had , but as a team were doing really well. Im still practicing up at The Oldham Snooker Academy as the match table up there is different class! Im going up there tonight watching a player i've known for years , Andrew Higginson. He is doing an exhibition there. He's also doing really well on the circuit , he's currently ranked no.29 in the world...
Carl Bailey has been my practice partner of late. My good friend Pete Stanyer has been really busy of late playing in different leagues & he has also been very busy at work , so we've not seen alot of eachother lately , but still kept in touch. I will be attending his Bonfire party in a few weeks time.

Brandon & Steph have been behaving themselves. We've been doing allsorts when i've not been working , however we haven't been to watch our football team in a while , Manchester City. I will be getting some tickets for a match very soon. We are a little sore however after our 0-3 home loss against Arsenal at the weekend (OUCH!) Were currently 4th in the league. Im also going to get some tickets soon to go & watch Hyde Utd with my kids. I've lived in Hyde all my life , but never been to see my home town team play (shame on me i know)

There is lots & lots of stuff i've not mentioned on here tonight as it's been very hectic lately , but i will add it all now im updating my blog again!

I'll sign off for now but will update my blog regulary again from now on.